We provide a complete design service from concept through to completion which can be tailored to your specific needs.  This includes design documents & visuals, consultation & advice, overseeing construction, plant sourcing & planting, and technical drawings & specifications.
The design process varies depending on the project, but any project may require the following:

Design Consultations

We begin by meeting on site to discuss the client's wishes and preferences, and from this we create a detailed brief from which to work.

Site Survey & Analysis

A detailed survey and analysis is carried out to identify existing features to remove or retain, and to record all measurements and observations needed to produce the design.

Outline Proposals

Working drawings and visuals are presented for discussion with the client. These help to give an impression of how the garden will take shape.


After agreeing the outlines with the client, full designs and documents are produced which will allow the contractor to quote for the project and build it. These include Presentation Plans & Design Details, Setting Out Plans & Construction Drawings, Planting Plans and Specifications needed for tendering.

Construction & Planting

Upon appointment of a contractor with the client, the garden can be built and planted. We act as consultants during this process to oversee the project and ensure it is constructed to the correct standard. We also source furniture, containers and any other elements needed for the garden to ensure quality.


We can provide detailed planting plans for your whole garden, or just specific areas, in order to redevelop your borders without changing the structure of your garden. Plans are produced to suit soil and site conditions, and are tailored to your needs and preferences.  In particular we love to create beautiful naturalistic planting schemes that are designed to support wildlife.
Usually we implement the schemes as part of the service, but sometimes a client may wish to use a Planting Plan to carry out the planting themselves.

Consultation & Survey

We begin by meeting on site to discuss the client's wishes and preferences, and from this we create a detailed planting brief from which to work. We also record all measurements needed to produce the design, and any existing plants to be retained or removed.

Planting Design

Full Planting Plans are produced, including specifications.  This includes the exact positions in which plants are to be placed within the borders.  Plans include illustrated Plant Lists as reference, and a schedule of quantities.

Plant Sourcing & Planting

We oversee planting projects and work with professionally trained gardeners to make sure schemes are implemented to the correct standard, and source plants from specialist nurseries to ensure the highest quality.  If possible, we avoid planting from June to August to give the plants the greatest success rate.

Maintaining Planting

In order to enable the correct maintenance of borders we can produce maintenance schedules which detail how best to care for the specific plants in your garden.  This can be used either by the client, or by an appointed maintenance gardener.

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